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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Friday, March 11, 2016

Back Up and Regroup

By Mark

It has been 38 weeks (266)Days since,We laid Daddy Dog Brut To Rest.First of allI want to apologize to all my Friends for not posting for so long.(Christmas).This time period has been "BACK UP AND REGROUP"time for me to say the least.I also want to say a "THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH"to each and everyone of my Friends out there in the Facebook World.
Well it has been one Hellacious 60 days since I've posted a Update about my loss of my best Friend Daddy Dog Brut.It has been one roller coaster ride after another.I can not believe I have been able to keep up with everyday things that you have to doin order to survie.Get upget dress,go to workcome home,try to eatplay with the dogstry to take them all for a walk.Some times it has taken everything I havejust to go on Facebook.Sometimes I just send my Happy Birthdays and send all my Pokes Back.I am really so Grateful to all of you that Share what you do.
So it is just back to the basics for me.As each week went byit was like slow motion.Christmas was just another day except I am really Grateful I know the real meaning of Christmas,Thank God.Slowly but surely I have been able to spend more and more timewith each of the Family.Zappa and Fiona have been bonding really well with their mother Mama Dog Silver.It is like they all need ton protect each other more and more since Bruter Boy is not around anymore to protect us from all the outside Forces that are out there.But in reality,BRUT is still here besides us,only you can see him.I really can not describe the spririt that you can feel,when I am at home.It's really unreal,it is like,he is looking at us and talking through his Kids.(just a little note)I have his picture at the places I work and one in my Van,so no matter where I am at I can see Brut and talk to him.
So all and allthings are going OK.The hardest part is in the Morning when I try to get up.I really have to force myself to finally get out of bed.Thand God,my job does not start intil the afternoon.The last 6 years before Brut passed awayit was me and him in the morning.He always would sit next to me on the sofa,while I had my morning coffee and my cigarettes,and Mama Dog Silver would be on the other sofa.I would talk to himlike he was a human being.Most of the time I would do most of the talking.But every now and then he would have something to say,it was like he knew what I was saying.So he did put his two cents in.It was really awesome every Morningbeig with my Best Friend Bruter Boy and I .
Since he has been goneI nhave not been able to get up as early.Cus when I walk into the Living room and see the empty space where i sitit still fucks me up.So I do not get up until the kids,Zappa Fiona,Chance and Blaze start stirring around.That way I am not alone in the living room.I am getting a little better,but I know I will never be the same without Daddy Dog Brut next to me.And Honestly,Since Brut has passed away,I have had to force myself to eat each day alot of times,in the beginning,I would make sure I would drink my Protein Drink and eat a little bit.But for the most part i have to push myself.So I know it will get better in Time.
Well I am Rambling Now,I THANK GOD each and every day for Our Family Od dogs.They are helping me more than they will ever know.Spring is on its way,and I am going to spnd as much time with every one of them that i can.Thank God for my GOPRO.I am going to get as much filming of them as i can.Time goes much to fastto let a moment go by.Before you know it,it is gone in a wink of a Eye.
I Want to Thank each and everyone of my Facebook FRIENDS out there,for sharing all the things that you do.You will never know how much everyone of you have helped me,to keep moving forward in my life.Between my Family of Dogs PawsofLove,and all my Friends in the Facebook Land,I know IN TIMEI will be able to Share our Life with the 24Paws Of Love and put it in a Book,So I can share whats it really like to have a Family of Mama Dog,Daddy Dog and their Kids,Zappa,Fiona,Chance and Blaze.We have so much Love in our Home,it is unbelieveable.So THANK YOU ALL AGAIN MY FRIENDS.P.S.lots of wors are misspelled thank God this is not School.
Mark and th PAWS
P.S.I am going to share a video of treat time at night when Daddy Dog Brut was still with us.

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