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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Did Anybody See the Light Show Last Night??

I looked up from playing with the Back Dogs and the sky was all ablaze in red, like clouds through a sunset except it was dark out.  OMG!!.  The Northern Lights were out!  I began taking in what I could see of the sky through the trees to witness the wispy beams of soft white lights, fading and pulsing as they seem to push through the night, but it was the blood red "clouds" of light that stole my breath away.

Thoughts of Alex immediately came to mind.  It was one of our favorite past times together when we lived at our other place further north from here and could witness the light show on a regular schedule.  I learned that the flare ups happen on a monthly basis and that the aurora borealis went through seven year cycles;  it would crescendo in intensity and reach a peak the first seven years then will descend for the next.

I can not tell you how many times Alex and I would sit for hours just for a hint of the Northern Lights that somehow let me know everything was alright.  For the most part we would witness beams of white to greenish beams that would pulse and dance with their own rhythm while fading in and out.  It was such a calming and surreal experience, almost hypnotizing.  There were other times like tonight when the white lights would be like wispy ghost disappearing and reappearing in a heart beat that would catch your breath.  But the most beautiful night, that I will never forget is when the ENTIRE sky was blazing with these beams, pulses, and swirls that were lit with every color of the rainbow.  It was an awe striking phenomenon to experience.  The beautiful picture has never left my mind.

So tonight's extraordinary experience was a one of kind for me.  It was the first time I've seen them since we moved and I have missed these mysterious and wondrous shows that have brought such a sense of peace for me.  In fact, I'd been sicker than a dog (pun intended) after the stresses of the last couple of weeks had caught up with me.  I was just starting to feel better when I decided to go out with the dogs for a few minutes and I was blessed with the night sky set on fire and the show of a lifetime that I let me know once again, everything was alright!             


Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I saw a TV programme on this a while ago and it was the most amazing sight. I've never seen it, I'm not sure we get it in the southern hemisphere. I can understand how seeing it would improve your take on life:)

bichonpawz said...

Ohhhh!!! Heard about it too late....I bet we would have seen it had we been outside looking! Such a cool sight!!

Gail said...

I have never seen them. I would love to, but they are not visible here.

Pup Fan said...

Really cool! We didn't see anything (probably too much light pollution), but it sounds amazing!

Unknown said...

Ive heard about this, I would love to see it. We dont get that here where we are. What a great memory.

KB said...

What an experience!

I've only seen the northern lights once, and I was so surprised that I didn't know what they were. I thought that something was on fire just over the horizon :)

Shane Kent Louis said...

all I can say was very amazing :)

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White Dog Blog said...

And blessed you were! What an incredible communication with the Universe...and one shared with your pups as well.