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Brut Quote

Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Memories-Sneaky Silver

 Tell me, do you really see anything here but sweet innocence?

Silver was a sneaky little puppy and it was easy to be fooled because hiding under that Black Lab exterior was a devious Husky just prowling about.

We had brought home a pizza and like a couple of idiots had become so engrossed in a movie that we didn't notice that our sweet, innocent puppy, who'd been with us for two weeks, had wander out of sight.  Well, my husband got up for another slice and to our amazement and horror there was Silver--ON TOP of the table, with her face in the pizza box chowing down!

Not only had she snuck up and was standing on the table, but Silver was helping herself to our supreme pizza without anyone noticing!  We couldn't believe it!  We had never seen a puppy on the table before!  Didn't even know she could!  We were in complete shock!

Even though it wasn't quite as funny at the time, if I'd had any idea I'd be blogging about eight years later, I would have gotten a picture!  I still giggle over that little black face buried in the pizza box  as I stood there with my mouth gaping open!    

Thankfully she never got sick or had any repercussions from trying to wolf down the pizza she so politely helped herself too and as we would come to find, would be our first of many adventures that tested the strength of Silver's iron-clad stomach with a Husky mind.  

 They'll never find me here!

Ahhh....the days of owning your first HUSKY/ Black Lab puppy.     


Pamela said...

That Silver made it up onto the table as a puppy doesn't surprise me. That she snarfed up the pizza doesn't surprise me.

But how did she do it so quietly?

Unknown said...

BOL I would have been suprised too - I cant believe she got up there. Haylie has an iron clad stomach too. Too cute what a great puppy shot with her head in the shoe.

Sage said...

I can just imagine what a sight that was! At least Silver knew what was good and went for it!!

Kari in Alaska said...

Its hard not to forgive that puppy face!

Stop on by for a visit

Linda said...

Such a sweet and innocent face! I bet she was in heaven standing on the table. All that pizza, just for her. And supreme, to boot!

FANCY the Red Standard Poodle said...

Hi Y'all,

Playing catch up with the reading! What a cute post! You don't need pictures to picture what happened. I think everyone has had a moment when our "darlings" left us with gaping mouths. :)

BrownDog's Human

Shane Kent Louis said...

I love that cute and sweet faces! Woof!

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White Dog Blog said...

Silver, the incredible stealth puppy! What a wonderful memory. Thanks for sharing.

The Musketeers said...

Aww~ I miss those puppyhood! why are the period so short? :P