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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday Memories-Christmas Day

This Monday Memories we are going to take a look back at yesterday, Christmas Day.  We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Holiday.

  You mean that gift wasn't for me??
Christmas 2011

9:30am:  My husband wakes me waving a torn and empty half pound fudge box, "Brut ate it all.  He ate all of it."  There is no mistaking the terror in his eyes.

Brut looks calm and is quiet.  Good sign.  No signs of hyperactivity or racing heart that can come from toxic levels of chocolate.

Scan internet:  Look for fudge company ingredients, no luck.  Look for what levels are toxic for dogs.  Nothing is certain or clear without knowing what's in the fudge.

Call vet.  She says Brut is past the point of being able to induce vomiting.  (Usually 1-2 hours after ingestion)  She says most fudge isn't made with cocoa, which is the most toxic.  She suggest 3-4 small meals spaced  through day with some canned pumpkin.  The goal is to work the toxins through the system as quickly as possible.

So the day was met with following Brut around for the day.  No vomiting.  No diarrhea. You could tell he didn't feel well, but was otherwise fine.

It was undoubtedly one of the worst fears we have ever encountered.  My husband was terrified.  He was the one who had left the unopened fudge out the night before.  He thought for sure Brut going to die and that a simple mistake would have caused the worst Christmas Day for the 24 Paws of Love family ever.

Brut is doing fine today.  He's a fighter who isn't going to go down that easy, but it is a reminder how easily it could have happened.

Please keep your dog safe by keeping all chocolates, candies and goodies out of their reach.  Don't have a Christmas scare like we did.  Your dog is worth it! 


Kari in Alaska said...

Oh we are so glad to hear that Brut is ok

Stop on by for a visit

How Sam Sees It said...

A dog would have to eat a large amount of chocolate to have an effect, although it is always a good idea to stay on your toes! Brut is big and healthy, so that was definitely working in your favor!


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Glad to hear he is OK. We can understand how worried you must have been.

We bet Brut loved every bit of it:)

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

houndstooth said...

We had a vet come and speak at our adoption group's annual reunion one year and he explained that the amount of chocolate required to kill a large dog was a pretty big amount. It made me feel a lot better, but we are still very vigilant about the dogs and chocolate. Of course, one year Lilac stole three or four bags of Easter candy that she shared with Treat and Hawk while we were out running errands. The worst that happened was that our dogs had very festive poop! We did know who'd eaten what based on the foil decorations that adorned those turds, but I am fine with never repeating that experience.

jen said...

Glad to hear that Brut is fine. That is such a scary thing to noticed that your dog may have eaten something toxic. I have been there many times!

Sarah said...

So glad to hear that Brut is doing OK. It's terrifying when things like that happen.

Emily said...

I have heard so many stories from friends about their dogs getting into treats! Our dogs aren't tall enough to get on the counters, luckily. I know that feeling though, I experienced it when our boy got into his own food and ended up bloated from overeating. Nothing happened besides vomiting and diarrhea but still totally scary.