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Brut Quote

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I think our almost Huskies finally have come out of their summer hibernation as the fall weather looks like it is  here to stay.  It was such a treat to see them finally running around and chasing each other.  Something they've barely done all summer.  I bet the cooler weather feels good on the brain and pumps that Husky blood in them!  Of course, I wasn't expecting it, so I didn't bring the camera or camcorder out and was blown away by the chase scenes I would have love to caught on film.  Everyone was involved in the Back Pack and the Front Dogs who are always pretty lively were over the top.

So no shots.  No movie.  You'll just have to trust it was the great to watch them all come to life after their summer slumber.  :)


TimberLove said...

Cool weather certainly makes for happy huskerboos!


Unknown said...

Have a wonderful Wednesday. We look forward to some pix.
Best wishes Molly

Sankissjuice said...

I am imagining them having fun now. It makes me smile. Something about the energy and enthusiasm of these dogs, just so infectious. Don't you think?


Bassetmomma said...

The cooler weather makes them all livelier I think. I'm sure your pack must be loving it. You did get a shot of some beautiful fall colors though! :)

Yas said...

That looks so serene and beautiful! Love the shades of colors..makes us miss being in japan and watch the leaves turn. Thanks for sharing it!


sharkgila said...

We can imagine the fun they're having, and the fun you have watching them!

Togo, Tagar & Gamby

Sage said...

I can just picture them chasing out there! What is it about cooler weather that brings out the friskiness?

Pamela said...

It's a blog post that's like radio: it encourages you to use your imagination! :)