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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


With 6 dogs and two cats we do what we can to avoid going to the vet unless absolutely necessary, except for their shots and a yearly check up.  I don't like to give medicines unless I believe it is warranted.  Here are some of our magic bullets in the doggie medicine cabinet.

GINGER-when Zappa was first learning to ride in the car, he would get carsick.  We bought a bottle of ginger capsules and gave him one capsule about 20 minutes before leaving took care of his nausea.  We only had to use it two or three times and he was fine after that.

THERMOMETER/VASELINE-A dog's temperature should be between 100F-102F (38C-39C).  When Silver was pregnant I had to check her temperature once a day, so she definitely needed her own tools!  :)

PUMPKIN-Every fall, I cut up a pumpkin and freeze it.  I learned that it was good for cats that have diarrhea and then later found it was good for dogs too.  

PEPTO-BISMOL-I use this mainly for diarrhea, but my vet has suggested it can be used for upset stomachs also.  I rarely use it any more, as the pumpkin works great, but before I knew about the pumpkin I used Pepto-Bismol.  Giving the liquid form doesn't go down easy and is a mess to clean up, not to mention that most of what I gave my dogs ended up on the floor.  I discovered they have a tablet form and it is as easy as giving a pill.  I think it is one of the greatest inventions they could think of for my dogs.  :)

TODDLER SOCKS-We use these for cuts on the paw or pad and they work great.  We have also cut the toes out for minor leg injuries that need to be covered.  Hence the Boo-Boo Socks.

TRIPLE ANTIBIOTIC CREAM-I use this on any minor cuts or injuries to help keep clean.

PROBIOTICS-I have these in capsule and powder form and use them to assist with any cuts or injuries.  I haven't used oral antibiotics in two years and haven't had any infections yet.

EAR CLEANSING SOLUTION-I got this formula from Hound Girl, who received it from her vet.  3 parts rubbing alcohol to 1 part vinegar.  Works great!  I also keep gauze and cotton swabs on hand for cleaning ears, along with a syringe when I need to flush them out.

BENEDRYL-Works great for bee, wasp or any stinging insect.  Zappa once had one side of his face swell up because of a low-hanging wasp nest.  The vet recommended Benedryl.

These are some our little tricks of the trade.  What are some of yours?

**Disclaimer** Always check with your vet before administering any medications to your pet.  This post is in no way intended to be used for diagnoses or treatment for you pet.  Please consult with your vet for any medical treatment. 

**Note**We are in no way getting reimbursed for any of these products nor are we promoting them.  We just use them because they work on our pets and most were vet recommended. 


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Yep, great information. Always have it on hand, and if you are lucky, you won't need it:)

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Pamela said...

Very good list. I'm a big believer in pumpkins, personally.

I'd also add a small bottle of alum. It can be used to clot the blood if you accidentally cut the quick when trimming nails.

Diana Chiew said...

May I know what is that Ginger capsule for carsickness? Where can I get it? Is it from any pharmacy? The puppies, Pinky and Jingle Bell would throw up each time they travel in the car. I have tried candied ginger but it didn't work.

sisko said...

I love that list and I had to laugh because we use toddler socks as well. Sisko was wearing one for a couple of days with a sore pad on his toe. They work great.

Benedryl sure is the magic medicine. When Sisko got stung by a bee beside his eye he got Benedryl and it worked like a charm and knocked him out for a few hours too.

Melissa said...

Great list!! Since you have 6 dogs, I wonder if you have ever come across this problem: With spring/summer approaching and grass and flowers/weeds coming up, Jada always seems to get alleries in her paws, causing her to constantly chew and lick her paws. Her pads become very sore and turn from black to white. The vet suggested I give her Benedryl but I never did yet. Also they suggested wiping her feet when she comes in the house. This year will be the first full summer at our new house with A LOT of grass/land. I might end up trying the Benadryl!!

Unknown said...

I also have corn starch in my kit to stop bleeding if nail or something is knicked :) its cheaper than the stuff specially made to stop the bleeding. Thanks for the shout out on the ear stuff, we love that mixture!

Brandon - The dog with a blog said...

Wonderful information - I think I'll bookmark this post!

Rudy's Raiser

Maggie Mae and Max said...

Dis is great informations! Tank yous fur sharin' it wif us! Mom says her is gonna use da ear stuffs on me from now on!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Yas said...

Great information. We didnt know about the pumpkin thing. Gotta get some pumpkin today! Thanks for sharing.

Maxx and mommy

24 Paws of Love said...

Santa, Minnie and Christmas, we use ginger capsules that you can find in your vitamin and supplement isle. The only dosage they carried at our store was 550mg. We gave one capsule about 20 minutes before leaving and it helped.

Melissa-I only have one dog that has allergies and it to food. She was getting chronic ear infections. Sorry, I don't know anything about seasonal allergies or about using Benedryl for them. I know there are others how have the same problems. Keep looking you'll find the help you need.

jen said...

Great list!
We keep vet wrap on hand for cuts, clotting powder for nail trimming, Pepcid for upset tummies. Mylacon drops, in case of bloat, Deramaxx for aches and oh boy the list goes on and on!

Great post!

Lavinia said...

You got ahead of me and presented some ways of medicating your pets at home. I've also heard about ginger being good against car sickness, but I'm not sure how to administer it. I was thinking of baking it with some doggie cookies.

I love the booboo sock! Aschiuta had to wear a bandage because of the bad bleeding, but I'm sure the booboo sock would have been cool on her.

House of Carnivores said...

I'm going to have to get some toddler socks! That's a great idea. And I know from experience that if Argos does get a cut on his paw, he will not stop fussing with it. A toddler sock would have come in really handy...

Pup Fan said...

Smart list! We also use Vaseline for cracked pads in the winter, to keep Bella's paws from drying out.