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Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Memories-Misty

I have always been an avid dog lover.  I don't what it is about dogs, but I just seem to connect with them.  When I was 13 years old we got our first cat, Misty.  It was a whole new learning experience.  She was a short hair with a solid grey coat and golden eyes.  She was calm, gentle and very loving.  Though there was something always mischievous about her.  It was that catty way she had about her and I fell in love with it instantly.  She always slept on my bed at night, where we would have great conversations and play fetch with a crumbled paper ball.  I would throw it from my bed and I taught her how to bring it back to me.  I always thought that was the coolest thing she did.  It was our game.

When no one was home I would throw a paper ball and watch her do flips to catch it.  We would play a sort of hide-n-go seek game/chase game all through the house.  I would stay down at her level and mimic her moves.  Each of us trying to spook the other.  We would become completely entranced with each other as we found a level at which we understood each other.  This was my first experience at bonding with an animal at their level.  It taught me how to relate with them from their viewpoint, not mention the emotional and spiritual level that sparkled between us.  Something I have never forgotten and still use to this day.

I never got to see Misty in her later years, childhood abuse kept me from going back home to visit.  My first question to my sister was always about Misty.  I missed her so.  I never knew when she died and it always broke my heart that I couldn't go back to see her one last time. I know she understood this, probably more than I did, as animals always know when there is pain going on in home.  She was always that sliver of light that broke through the darkness and I will always be grateful for the blessings she gave me.  And while the tears flow for that beautiful hearted creature who shared her gift of love with me, I know a bond like ours doesn't die easy and she will always be in my heart forever.          


jen said...

Misty sounds like she she was a special kitty.
I am sure she understood:)

Unknown said...

Great story about Misty, we dont know much about the cats, we tend to stay away :)

Pup Fan said...

Misty sounds wonderful. I agree that animals seem to know and understand more than humans ever do.

Yas said...

Mom grew up with lots if cats, 8 of them to be exact!
Misty's story reminded her of her fav kitty kat, Bruce.
Thanks for sharing with us your memory of Misty!

Maxx and mommy

Brian's Home Blog said...

That was a very nice and loving tribute to sweet Misty. She is happy she has a special place in your heart.

houndstooth said...

Misty sounds like a sweetheart! My earlier connections were more with dogs, as cats didn't stay around long on our farm. It's a great feeling to have a connection like that, though!

Pamela said...

You were very fortunate to have an animal friend to bond with when things weren't so great at home. I wish every child could have at least an animal to count on when they can't rely on their human family to protect them.

What a nice tribute to Misty.

ForPetsSake said...

My goodness that was so sweet! My stepdaughter T, who I talk about only rarely on my blog, is a child who knew love from animals when she needed it most. She came to us from her mother's home 2 years ago. Her mother had been neglecting her since she moved away from us and was no longer accountable on a daily basis to us. T tells me oftne how much she loved, and relied on her cats. They are the light that kept her going and the friends she shared her life with. She misses them still, more than she misses her mother. I am so grateful that she had them to rely on. They are there when we need them the most!

Lavinia said...

You and Misty must have been the best of friends. I'm sorry you didn't get to see her one last time and also about your problems in the family.

We are all affected by the people and pets we bond with and this connection doesn't die with them.

Julia Williams said...

I am glad you had such a special soul like Misty to help you and give you the love you needed. I know she understood why you couldn't be there with her, and she will always be in your heart.