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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Monday, September 16, 2013

Blaze's Side of the Story

Blaze here:

So she leaves me to go to visit those cats without even bothering to ask if I want to play with them too.  The ones I'd love to chase in the yard and hold in my teeth!  But I just want to play with them Mommy!

But what Mommy doesn't know is that I'm peeking under the door and I can hear and see the black and white one going crazy in the middle of the floor after a feather that jingles.  I wanna play too!!  So I start banging on the door and whining a little to get Mommy's attention.  It works!  She tells me "NO"  Doesn't she know what fun the cats and I would have together if she would just let me in???

So I try the silent approach.  Stalk mode.  Waiting.  Watching and waiting.  Then here it comes, my big chance...the door cracks open, I dash in and grab the feathery toy and dash back out.

  Gotcha Mom!
Once Mommy's color came back to her face, she laughed and laughed.  No, I didn't want the cats Mommy...didn't she know I was going crazy for that feathery bell?   And since she wasn't going to let me in, then I had to grab it for myself!  Humph!

And what did Boxer have to say about that crazy cat dog?   Go HERE to find out!  

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