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Brut Quote

Brut Quote

Monday, September 23, 2013

Blessed-Silver's Gotcha Day

 even my undertoes are turning white!

We are truly blessed that all of our dogs are in good health.  Mentally and physically.  And I don't say that to brag or boast, because I know many dogs are suffering with numerous conditions.  What really brings me to count our blessings is that yesterday was Silver's "Gotcha Day."  At ten years old, even with all her greying hair, Silver is still in her prime.  She can still take on Brut in a chase and can still outrun Fiona who is the fastest out of the Back Dogs.

She pulled sled last year and I suspect she will do it again this winter.  She is the most mentally fit she has been since having her spayed.  And even though she is the alpha female, she is really just now finding her place in pack.  We have found a food all the dogs like, but has done wonders for Silver.  Giving her more energy and mental stability than anything I've tried, plus she doesn't get ear infections all the time.

If you met Silver, you'd never know that she was ten years old.  Despite her greying muzzle, she doesn't portray her age in the least.  She's just a big happy puppy, who found her way into our hearts and held on tight and ran away with it.  Filling us with as much love and aggravation that only a dog like her could.

We love you Silver.  Happy Gotcha Day!! 

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